Harrowford is a leading staircase manufacturer – ever staircase is made to our and we are able to work from your unique requirements.

Sussex’s leading bespoke glass staircase manufacturer

A staircase is a special feature of your home and we’re passionate about staircases, that’s why we created Harrowford stairs

Model 100 – Mono Stringer
Model 100 – Mono Stringer
A beautiful mono stringer staircase design and supplied by Harrowford
Central spine staircase
Model 100 – central spine stringer design
Enclosed tread staircase
Model 200 – Enclosed tread staircase
Model 300 – Zig-Zag Staircase
Model 300 – Zig-Zag Staircase
Nullam posuere ultricies
Zig-Zag stringer staircase
Model 300 – The zig-zag

Welcome to Harrowford stairs

Based in Sussex, England's leading bespoke staircase manufacturer

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Combining exquisite design, peerless craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, to complement and enhance the architectural features of your home.
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Our Sussex based manufacturing facility is where the magic happens.
In-house Installations
We do all our own installations
We understand that installing a new bespoke staircase into your home can seem like a huge ordeal – that’s why we carry you through every step of the process, from concept to execution

01. Timber

Sustainably sourced timber

Sustainably sourced timber

All our staircases are manufactured from sustainably sourced timbers

 We endeavor to source our staircase timber from well-managed and sustainable forests and purchase the majority of our timber from merchants holding a ‘Chain of Custody’ certificate.  Such certification is linked to FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) registration controlling the sourcing of timbers from ‘managed’ forestry facilities, where plantation programmes ensure the replenishment of new trees long before harvested timber has reached the end of its life cycle. 

Glass types

We have been working with glass for decades - we carry this experience through to every beautiful glass staircase

Glass staircases are the choice for many modern homes and we think you will love our designs.

Our glass staircases can be used in conjunction with timber and metal stringers. Our most common staircase systems, the model 100, 200 and 300 are popular due to their minimalist and contemporary features.

Combining the use of glass treads and glass balustrades is way of ensuring maximum light transmittance whilst achieving that stylish and luxury finish to your home.

02. Glass